One of the major reasons for the popularity of WordPress among other website platforms is that it is very SEO Friendly. Once your website is developed, up and running, you can now concentrate on optimizing your site to help in rank better in search engines. You can also do development and optimization of the site in parallel. It depends on your choice as to which option is convenient for you.

So, here are the five basic tips to add SEO to your WordPress pages.

  1. How should an SEO friendly URL be?
  • It is good to have a URL that contains keywords relevant to the content on your page and also do a little bit of keyword analysis so that you can find what visitors query in the search engine for your service or product.
  • Use Lowercase letters and punctuation marks. Use Hyphen (-) instead of underscore (_) to separate words in your URL.

2. How to optimize a website page title?

Search engines give a lot of importance to the page title i.e. Meta title so you need to be very careful and wise before selecting your page title. Include Keyword in your page title.

3. Meta Description:

A meta description is now not considered as a ranking factor, but still, a clear and concise description help you impress visitors and let them know what exactly you do.

4. Images:

Google’s Web Crawler needs help in understanding images on your website. So, it relies on alt-text of your image. Create an appropriate alt-text and include the keyword in it. Your site SEO will truly benefit from it.

5. Content:

When it comes to SEO, we always hear that the Content is king. Have good quality content. A Seo friendly content should be between 300-600 words. It is always good to have keywords in your content.