PPC Management

Advertising is a crucial part of doing business online. But more importantly, how you choose to advertise needs to be carefully considered. Google AdWords and other pay per click (PPC) opportunities represent good value for money when used wisely. A1 Digital Marketing offers expert services that will help you make the best use of digital advertising to grow your business.

How PPC Works

PPC advertising is built on the principle of creating small, targeted ads directed at customers you know are looking for your products in Glasgow. Advertisements are constructed around specific keywords and phrases, containing brief but targeted messages designed to meet the search parameters of your customers. Ads may appear on the sidebar of search engines, on social media sites, and even on industry-related sites that sell advertising.

This form of digital marketing gets its name from the fact that advertisers only pay when their ads are clicked. If no one clicks your ad, you have lost nothing but the time it took to create the ad. However, no clicks mean that your ad is probably not reaching your customers either.

Our PPC services are designed around the goal of helping you create the most effective ads that will reach the largest number of Glasgow customers. We can create effective ads for you, get them placed on the appropriate websites, and advise you as to their performance. Along the way, your entire marketing strategy can be adjusted in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Google AdWords

Of all the PPC platforms out there, Google AdWords is the most used and arguably the most effective. The Google platform allows advertisers to bid on the relevant keywords and phrases they are interested in for their ads. The most coveted keywords end being the most expensive as bids go up.

Advertisements purchased through Google AdWords appear in blocks at the top and bottom of the search engine’s result pages. It is also possible for some more expensive ads to land at the very top of search engine results. In fact, Google offers several different options for establishing ad campaigns.

A1 Digital Marketing has the knowledge and experience to help you develop an effective Google AdWords campaign regardless of your budget. We are completely familiar with all the options, so we can advise you as to the best way to establish your Google ad spend in a way that achieves effective local results.

There are lots of ways to market your website and your company in Glasgow. Google AdWords/PPC advertising is just one of them. Make no mistake; PPC is a very powerful way to get your company name and message out there.

Combined with other effective SEO strategies, PPC advertising can dramatically increase your website traffic and drive sales. Since you have to advertise if you are going to keep up with the competition, Google AdWords/PPC is one of the best ways we know of doing so. Let us show you how well it can work for your site.
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