Magento Training In Glasgow


Magento2 & Magento Training Glasgow Scotland
Set up Your Store
Manage the configuration,
Set up store information.
Branding your store.
Learn digital commerce best practices.

Build Your Store Catalog
How the catalogue is put together.
Organize Products by Category.
Create the main menu for your store.
How to select a design layout for the category pages.
Create products, upload images, establish pricing, and set up inventory. Organize products by category, and create a main menu for your store.

Creating and Managing Product attribute and Attribute sets.
Introduction and importance of product attribute and attribute sets.
Importance of attribute properties.
Attribute properties for the frontend.

Creating and Managing Your Store Products
Step by step process for creating a product.
Introduction of different and setting up product types.
How to set up inventory and assign it to relevant categories.
Importing & exporting products.
How to implement, bulk actions on the products.
Set up a Magento inbuilt inventory.
How to write SEO friendly title ’s for the products.

Publish Content
Learn how to create pages with images, video, and dynamic content
How to edit the existing pages
What are static blocks and widgets
Learn how to create static blocks and widgets
How to assign widgets and static blocks,
Make your site a destination with compelling content., and to modify existing pages, blocks, and widgets.
Change the Design
Learn how to make simple design changes, schedule content updates,
Change the theme of your store for a season or promotion.

Market & Promote
Target promotions and create opportunities for customer engagement.
Manage customer communications, and learn best practices and techniques to support your SEO initiative.
How to use Magento inbuilt marketing tools to promote your products.
Running and managing your own promotions.
Related Products, Cross-selling and up-selling.
Difference between Shopping Cart Rules and Catalogue Rules and when to use it.
Setting up vouchers.

Sales/ Transactional Emails
Customising standard emails, for example, the order email to match your business
Invoice emails templates.
New account email templates.
Opportunities to send out order sensitive promotions

Sell & Deliver
Learn how to offer real-time shopping assistance. Set up payment and shipping solutions, and manage all aspects of processing orders and fulfilment.
Introduction to the areas of Magento for Sales and Customer Service staff
Understanding the order process and each of the steps
How the different ways to pay could affect an order
Keeping good records to solve future problems and queries
How to quickly find orders or customers
The step by step guide to ordering
How to process a paid order
Shipping orders and delivery tracking codes
Issuing credit notes for part or all of an order
Making adjustments to orders

Offline & Telephone Orders
Setting up a customer account
Placing an order on an account
Taking payments over the phone
Applying the voucher code

Customer Information
Updating customer records
Creating and amending address details (including multiple addresses)
Reordering based on previous orders
Using customer accounts to help generate up-sell opportunities

Manage Your Store
Create new store views in different languages, and manage multisite installations with different currency rates and taxes.

Users & Roles
Admin Overview
Learn to use system tools to manage store data.

Manage the System
Learn how to import and export data. manage security and permissions, and install extensions. Use the system tools to manage the cache and indexing, and schedule backups.

Location Course Dates Course Fees Course Duration Ask Question?
Magento 2 Training Glasgow 23-24 Jan £299 2