Over the years, you’ve heard a lot about the importance of SEO for doing business online. But what about SEO for a local business in Glasgow? Is there anything that can be done to promote a company locally, rather than just hit-and-miss SEO development that may improve search engine results around the world but not in the local area? The short answer is ‘yes’.

SEO for local business in Glasgow is no different than any other locale. Online performance is improved by focusing on four key areas with a local emphasis:

• Social media
• Keywords and meta tags
• Website content
• Online listings.

1. Social Media

Social media is the place loyal customers talk about their favourite businesses. If a company is not yet using social media for marketing purposes, it needs to start doing so right away. Facebook and Twitter are good places to start. Google+ is also an excellent option with one additional benefit: the information included in a Google+ business account (company name, hours of operation, address, etc.) will improve search engine results and place the business on a map whenever a local search is conducted.

2. Keywords and Meta-Tags

Keywords and meta tags are the two primary tools that search engines use to determine content. These should be localised in order to improve local search engine results. For example, we have used the phrase ‘SEO for local business in Glasgow’ with a view to ensuring our content appeals to Glasgow business owners looking for help with their SEO or website development.

3. Website Content

Website content is always critical in that it gives customers a reason to visit a company’s page. Content should be optimised for keywords, relevance, and backlink opportunities. It should also be original.

4. Online Listings

Lastly, there are a large number of online directory sites that include information about local businesses gleaned from crawling and indexing. It pays to go on to those sites and correct any information that is not right. This is especially important for addresses, contact information, and hours of operation.

Focusing on SEO for the small business owner in Glasgow can make the difference between success and failure. By concentrating on local customers most likely to use a company’s products or services, a business is distinguishing itself from local competitors. And in the Glasgow market, doing so is very important.