Google AdWords offers businesses a great marketing platform based on the pay-per-click (PPC) model. This can be a very affordable way of advertising, but only if a company uses it correctly. Otherwise, it can quickly turn into a waste of money.

Whether you are new to PPC/Google AdWords management in Glasgow or you are a seasoned user, below are ten tips to save money by increasing ad effectiveness:

1. Create Better Copy

In the end, the only thing that matters is click through rates (CTRs) and conversions. Both can be dramatically improved by writing better copy.

2. Use Geolocation

AdWords offers users an opportunity to display ads according to certain geographic regions. Use the built-in geolocation settings for better PPC/Google AdWords management in Glasgow.

3. Use Extensions

AdWords makes a number extensions available to users as well. These extensions allow you to add extra data to your ads displayed just below the main text.

4. Use Negative Keywords

Negative keywords make it possible to prevent your ads from appearing during searches you know are not relevant.

5. Look for New Keywords

Effective AdWords management includes regularly looking for new keywords that will help performance.

6. Avoid Broad-Based Keywords

Broad-based keywords sometimes cause ads to appear when they really should not. Be more specific in your choices.

7. Target a Mobile Audience

Google AdWords offers options for targeting certain devices. The younger the audience, the more important it is to target mobile devices.

8. Avoid Overusing Landing Pages

When possible, avoid the overuse of landing pages. While they do work in some instances, using too many can defeat the purpose of Google AdWords.

9. Use Call-Only Campaigns

In place of landing pages, you might use your AdWords to launch a call-only campaign. Your ad would include your basic marketing line plus a phone number customers can call directly.

10. Update Your Campaigns

Last but not least is the need to update your AdWords campaigns regularly. Don’t just set up some ads and forget about them. Instead, PPC/Google AdWords management in Glasgow requires knowing how ads are doing and make adjustments as necessary.

The point of all ten tips is to maximise CTRs and conversions. When they are not maximised, you are putting money into ads that are not generating revenues. Our tips will save you money by reducing the number of ineffective ads your campaigns produce.